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How Do I Get Started and What Does It Cost?

Most people start out with one of our collagen packs. The two most popular packs are:

The Beauty Bundle:

40 Doses (5 grams) of Collagen Elixir (1 dose a day, with 10 extra to double one week or share with friends)


Free Shipping with NO RISK Subscription (30 day full refund and easy to cancel)

The Beauty Afterglow Bundle (BEST VALUE):

60 Doses (5 grams) of Collagen Elixir (2 doses a day: am and pm)


Free Shipping with NO RISK Subscription. (30 day full refund and easy to cancel)

To restore lost collagen and accelerate results, two servings a day is recommended for first 1-4 months. The Beauty Afterglow Bundle allows you to do this. After that, one serving a day will be enough to continue seeing and feeling benefits.

Our Collagen Elixir is a one of a kind, luxe product that will give you high value results. Because of this it has a higher price point than the bulk powdered products on the market. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. If you’re searching for extraordinary results from your collagen supplementation, you’re ready for Collagen Elixir.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if not satisfied.

Choose which pack you would like to start with and access the pre-configured cart.

*Learn about our generous referral program in the Getting Paid tab to see how so many of us are enjoying our collagen free of charge and how you can too!

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