What is Collagen Elixir?

The company I am partnered with, Isagenix International, is a leader in the Global Health and Wellness industry with a 20-year track record of providing the highest grade quality, no-compromise products to the market. This past year, they released a Type 1, marine collagen from deep Scandinavian waters.

It is a one-of-a-kind, high potency, first to market marine collagen that is producing amazing results for skin, hair, nails, and fascia. There is less sagging under the eyes, better skin tone and coloring, fine lines improving, hair and lash growth, hands plumper and fantastic skin moisture. Dentists are raving about the improvement in gum health!

There are many other collagen products on the market. This one is different! It is a one of a kind high potency, clinical dose that is easy and delicious to drink, truly hydrating and healing from the inside out. There is absolutely 0 oxidation, as it is capped in under .15 seconds in single glass bottles that are recyclable.

With 10 years of research behind it and over 200 scientists involved in the formulation process, this product is a game changer and an industry disrupter in an exploding market.

The company set a goal to sell 300,000 bottles in the first 30 days. They sold 500,000 in less than 24 hours, 1 million in 72 hours and are currently selling about 100,000 bottles a day!

Collagen is a hot product right now and there is a wide open runway with a product that the market place has not seen. All of this spells opportunity for an entrepreneurial minded person!

It is so simple to use and to share. All you do is twist the sealed cap, drink it (delicious) and you start to glow from the inside out.

Everyone gets a 30-day trial and if you don’t like it, you get your money back.

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