Welcome to Your Vibrant Life with Cynthia 

After a four-decade career as an education administrator, working long days, with stressful commutes and lacking a balanced life for fun and family; I realized there was more to life and I wanted to:

     1.  improve my health and feel more alive and energetic in my body.

     2.  have purpose and meaning for a fulfilled retirement.

     3.  travel more and contribute generously to my community.

It was when my dear friend said, she “freed herself both physically and financially”, no longer trading “time for dollars” and "created financial security" from home…. I LISTENED and leaned into the opportunity!

Not only did I find a way to improve my health, I found purpose helping others, and I gained the financial freedom I desired.

Since my reWirement, I've been inspiring burnt out teachers, stressed medical professionals and beauty service providers looking for a secondary income.   

Chances are you may be in this position OR you are an ambitious person, looking for more in your life:

I wanted all of that and I found a way to have it!

Today, I show folks how to create financial security and THRIVE.  We work part-time from our homes or wherever we are traveling, and we’re having a blast making a difference in people’s lives!

My new found freedom lifestyle came from sharing a single product that is a market disrupter in an exploding industry!  It is a brand new Type 1, Marine collagen that heals from the inside out.

The opportunity with this product offers two gifts:  the ability to support others with the incredible health and beauty benefits AND a pathway to more freedom; getting to be my own boss, creating more income, and having more FUN.

If this sounds intriguing to you, and you want to learn more about this product that is rocking the market OR the entrepreneurial opportunity, then let’s have a further discussion, so I can support you in attaining your goals.     

MY MISSION: Inspire women to create financial security and have a thriving life!

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Live Long and Live Well,